Home repair responsibilities

We provide a quality repairs and maintenance service for our customers. However, there are some repairs which are your responsibility.

Our responsibilities

We’re responsible for repairs to the structure and exterior of your home and its outbuildings.

This includes things like:

  • foundations, roofs, walls and external finishings
  • outside doors, drains, gutters, external pipes, fencing, lighting, doors and stairways
  • gas and electric services from your meter and water services to, and inside, your home
  • baths, basins, sinks, toilets and communal areas within our properties.

Your responsibilities

We expect you to keep your home in a safe and clean condition. Gardens should also be kept neat and tidy.

You’re responsible for fixing any damage that has not been caused by fair wear and tear. Examples of repairs that tenants are responsible for include:

  • renewing carpets and other flooring
  • repairing blinds, curtains and rails
  • fixing door bells
  • repairing minor cracks in plaster
  • bath plug and chain
  • fixing damage caused by a visitor or a member of your household.

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