How we are performing

This page gives you information about how we perform when we provide services for our customers.

Our work to manage performance helps us to meet the needs and expectations of our tenants. To enable us to do this, we have effective performance management arrangements which help us to deliver results as set out in our strategic and annual plan.

We measure our performance using a number of performance indicators which are reviewed every year. We publish our performance against these indicators every year.

You can see the range of documents that tell you about our performance and plans below.

Financial statement and annual report

You can find the latest financial statement and annual report.

You can also find the annual report for customers.

Performance figures

Thirteen has a range of measurements that we use to understand how we are performing. These measurements help us make changes to the way we work and improve the services we offer customers.

We have produced an infographic and some more detailed information to tell you about our performance in a range of areas:

STAR survey

In mid-2016, we carried out the STAR survey (Satisfaction of Tenants and Residents). The main finding was that the overall satisfaction rate with our services was 87%. You can see two infographics about the survey:

Value for money self assessments

You can find our latest value for money self assessment.

Development spend