Repair response times

When you contact us about a repair, we put your request into a category depending on its priority.

We will carry out repairs to your home as quickly as possible. However, we have to carry out the most urgent repairs first.

Response times

  • emergency 24hr: emergency repairs are any defects that put the health, safety or security of tenants or anyone else at immediate risk. Emergencies also include defects that can affect the structure of the building. 
  • appointable repairs: these are non-emergency repairs. They will take place within 28 working days.
  • planned repairs: planned repairs will be carried out within 60 working days.

If repairs need extra technical or specific advice, we'll offer an appointment to carry out an inspection.

During busy periods you may experience some delays. However, we will continue to keep you updated. We will provide you with a future appointment as soon as possible.

Find out how to report a repair to us.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs are any defects that put the health, safety or security of tenants or anyone else at immediate risk. Emergencies also include defects that can affect the structure of the building.

We aim to complete emergency repairs within 24 hours. The timescale can depend on the type of repair needed, but our aim is to complete emergency repairs no later than the day after it’s reported to us.

Examples of emergencies include:

  • blocked or leaking main drain or soil pipe
  • loss of gas supply
  • total loss of cold water supply
  • dangerous structures including wall or ceiling collapse
  • insecure doors and windows.

Find out more about our emergency repairs service.

Appointable repairs

Appointable repairs are any repairs that can prevent immediate damage to the property.

We aim to complete appointable repairs within 28 working days. Examples of appointable repairs include:

  • blocked gullies, sinks, plumbing leaks
  • partial loss of electricity or water
  • loose or detached banister or handrail
  • unsafe/leaking roof.

Planned repairs

Planned repairs are non-urgent repairs. We aim to complete these within 60 working days.

From time-to-time, we also carry out planned maintenance on our properties. Examples of planned repairs include:

  • repairing internal joinery including cupboards, shelving, skirting, stairs etc
  • cleaning out and/or repairing defects to gutters and rainwater pipes
  • dampness problems where there is no obvious sign of rain penetration
  • fencing repairs.

Read more about our planned maintenance programme.


We aim to give you an appointment as soon as you contact us to report the repair. We offer appointments at a range of times, including:

  • full day appointments – between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Thursday and 8.30am and 4pm on Fridays
  • school run - for tenants who need to take their children to school: 10am – 2pm, Monday to Friday
  • afternoon appointment – 12noon to 4.30pm, Monday to Thursday and 12noon to 4pm on Fridays
  • morning appointment - 8.30am to 12.30pm. Demand for morning appointments is high and availability is low. By selecting another appointment time you might be able to get the work completed sooner.

If we receive a lot of emergency repairs, your appointment may have to be changed. We’ll let you know if this is the case.

Access to your home

It’s important that someone over 18 is at home when we arrive to carry out the repair. Please make sure you keep to the agreed appointment time so we can carry out the work for you.

We sometimes use contractors to boost the services we provide. All our employees and contractors always carry identification so please ask to see it before allowing them into your home.

Report a repair

Find out how to report a repair in your home.