Get involved

Getting involved with Thirteen means you can have your say about the things that matter to you the most as a customer, helping us improve services, neighbourhoods and opportunities.

As your landlord, we want to get things right and make sure our services meet your expectations.

If you’re passionate about influencing decisions that affect your community, find out more about getting involved.

Why get involved?

  • Sharing your feedback lets us know what’s important to you, helping us deliver a great customer experience
  • You can keep up to date with what’s happening at Thirteen, what’s coming up, and give your views on our plans
  • Anyone can get involved, no matter your age or skills
  • It’s a great way to get experience and develop new skills for your CV
  • You can meet other customers in your neighbourhood, as well as colleagues at Thirteen
  • Our friendly customer engagement team is here to help with any activities, and we have a buddy system so you can hear from other customers about getting involved
  • We can support you with training, facilities and transport where needed
  • It doesn’t need to be a big commitment. You can get involved as much or as little as you like

There are lots of ways you can get involved and you can choose what suits you best based on your interests and time.

This could be giving us your views in a quick survey online, sending feedback about services, documents and publications, attending meetings with other customers, or being involved in task and finish project groups. Just let us know what you’re interested in and we can help with the rest.

Hear from a customer

We spoke to one of our customers to find out what they enjoy most about being involved with Thirteen, as well as some examples of the work they've recently been involved in.

Upcoming activities

You can search the available activities that you can get involved with on the consultation events calendar.

Ways to get involved

Find out about how you can get involved below:

Digital involvement

Customers can get involved online, influencing policy and services, regulatory assurance and monitoring performance online, giving feedback to information provided to them by email, and Thirteen’s website or social media. 

Regulatory consumer standards assurance

Customers can get involved in rigorously reviewing the requirements of the consumer standards that apply to Thirteen, and carry out checks and mystery shopping to provide assurance to customers and the Thirteen Board that Thirteen is compliant with the standards.

Building safety and property compliance

Involved customers living in high risk or complex residential buildings will review recommendations and support the implementation of the building safety standards recommended by the building safety regulator.

Policy Development

Customers are consulted digitally before any customer-facing policy is sent to Thirteen's board for approval. They will be asked about the content of the policy and whether it's easy to understand. Feedback is reviewed by the author and the policy is amended if necessary, before it's referred to the Board for approval. 

We'll provide feedback digitally to customers detailing any changes made to the policy.

Performance monitoring

Customers will review operational performance information, value for money and complaints to identify any areas of concern. The group will hear what action Thirteen is taking to improve in these areas and gain the group's views and their ideas for improvements. 

If the group is concerned about poor performance, they can refer to another customer group to use other involvement tools to carry out a more in-depth review of the service.

This group is responsible for monitoring the implementation of customer involvement action plans and any recommendations resulting from involvement activity.

Community Fund

The Community Fund is Thirteen’s commitment to adding value to the local area and economy, supporting local initiatives and individuals. We have a panel of customers which reviews applications and allocates funds, ensuring that all conditions of the fund agreement are met, including post-project evaluation.

The Thirteen Academy allows Thirteen's customers to apply for a scholarship to cover the cost of university tuition fees. The Community Fund group reviews the applications, and applicants will deliver a presentation to the group which then reviews the application and allocates funds to successful applicants.

You can find more details about the Community Fund.

Service improvement

The service improvement group supports the development of services across Thirteen, acting as a consultation panel for proposed changes to services and systems, and seeking the views of other customers when necessary.

The group also undertakes post-project reviews to ensure the objectives have been achieved.

Keeping in touch

Thirteen will keep in touch with involved customers in a number of ways.

All involved customers will be invited to an Open Day twice a year to:

  • hear about what’s going on in the wider housing sector
  • learn from specialists and other organisations
  • discover what their colleagues have been involved in
  • hear about changes that Thirteen has made as a result of customer involvement. 

We will produce a customer involvement update video four times a year which will be shared with Thirteen Board and uploaded to the website, and a newsletter will be distributed to all involved customers.

Recent involvement activities

Over the last year, our involved customers have...

You can find out about some of the recent customer engagement activities in our annual reports for customers.

You can also hear more from our customers about the recent work they have been doing.

Customer involvement framework

Find out about Thirteen's customer involvement framework

Thirteen is committed to involve customers to scrutinise services and performance, consult on policies and strategies, and assure compliance with regulatory consumer standards to Thirteen's board and leadership team.

The customer involvement framework provides flexible, adaptable and value for money support to deliver Thirteen's strategic plan objectives and business priorities, and builds on these principles:

  • customer involvement is embedded within Thirteen and is an integral part of the organisation's culture and development
  • customers are support and trained to participate in activities based on their skills and interests
  • customers are at the heart of Thirteen's decision-making
  • we provide a range of flexible opportunities for customers to be involved to reach a wider range of customers and engage with hard to reach groups to influence the services they receive
  • locality support and community investment that supports tenancy and community sustainability
  • maximising and reporting on the effectiveness of customer involvement activities
  • ensuring that Thirteen meets regulatory requirements around customer involvement
  • developing and maintaining a sense of ownership and responsibility for building safety and regulatory compliance.

For more details, have a look at the customer involvement framework.pdf or visit the customer engagement framework webpage.

You can find out about the chair of the engagement framework.

Contact us

If you're interested in being involved with Thirteen or you'd like more information, please get in touch with the customer engagement team for an informal chat: