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Getting involved with your landlord means you can bring fresh ideas and help us improve services, neighbourhoods and opportunities for our customers.

Why get involved with Thirteen?

If you're passionate about your home and your neighbourhood and want to influence decisions made by Thirteen, there are lots of opportunities for you. You can take part in projects that will fit around your home life and we will always let you know how much of your time is needed. You don’t need any training or skills to be an involved customer.

You can find out about some of the customer engagement activities in our annual reports for customers.

Customer Engagement Framework

Thirteen wants to involve customers to:

  • scrutinise our services and performance
  • consult on policies and strategies
  • help us comply with regulations

Customer Engagement Framework pdf

Customer Engagement Framework

Our Customer Engagement Framework sets out:

  • how customer engagement is embedded as an integral part of Thirteen
  • how customers are supported and trained to participate in activities based on interest and skills
  • customers are at the heart of decision-making
  • a wide range of flexible opportunities for customers to be involved, helping us reach a wide range of customers who will help to influence and shape the services they receive
  • support and community investment that supports tenancy and community sustainability 
  • maximising and reporting on the effectiveness of customer engagement activities
  • ensuring we meet regulatory requirements.

Customer Engagement Framework.pdf


Thirteen's involved customers

All Thirteen's customers can get involved with us in a range of ways, giving as much time as you like and getting involved in areas you're interested in. For example, you can give feedback on information provided, attend meetings, carry out surveys or be involved in task and finish project groups.

You can see the projects you can get involved with:

You can also see the range of ways you can be involved below:

Keeping in touch

All involved customers will be invited to a customer open day twice a year to hear about what’s going on in the housing sector. You can also learn from specialists and other organisations, discover what their colleagues have been involved in and what changes Thirteen has made as a result of customer engagement.

Digital involvement

Customers can influence Thirteen's policy and strategy, regulatory assurance and monitor performance online. You can give feedback to information we provide via email, Thirteen’s website or social media.

Social media

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can talk to us online. We’re always sharing information about community events, latest news and asking for opinions online, so you can take part in a few clicks at:

Consumer standards assurance

Customers can review the requirements of the Consumer Standards and undertake reality checks and mystery shopping to provide assurance to customers and the Thirteen Board that Thirteen are compliant with the standards.

Policy consultation

Customers can be involved in consultation when Thirteen's policies are due for review. This can be done online via email or via a postal survey.

Customer experience

Surveying customers to provide feedback on the services they have received, to identify and develop improvements to services and help test the impact of new services or schemes.

Customers can also have their say using the customer consultation webpage.

Performance monitoring

Reviewing operational performance information to understand how Thirteen’s performance compares with other landlords. Research other landlords if they perform better than Thirteen, to understand how they deliver their services and make recommendations to improve performance.

Customers will also monitor the progress of the customer engagement work plan and the implementation of any recommendations resulting from involvement activity.

Community Fund

The Community Fund is Thirteen’s commitment to adding value to the local area and economy, supporting local initiatives and groups with funding for their projects.

The Community Fund panel reviews applications and allocates funds, ensuring that all conditions of the fund agreement are met. For more information please visit the Community Fund webpage.

Strategic & service projects

Supporting the development of strategic projects by surveying customers’ views on existing services, being a consultation panel for proposed service developments and involved in the review of the effectiveness of projects.

In-depth reviews

Undertake reviews of services, surveying customers’ views, researching other organisations’ practices, job shadowing, mystery shopping and reporting findings and recommendations to Thirteen's leadership team and board.

For more information please visit the in-depth reviews webpage.

Contact us

If you're interested in being involved with Thirteen or you'd like more information, please contact the Customer Engagement Team: