Thinking of moving

We might be able to offer you a range of help if you are thinking about moving from your home.

There could be a number of reasons why you might want to move home. Your housing needs might have changed or you might have a temporary problem that needs to be fixed.

Whatever your issue, please talk to us. We might be able to help and we’ll do all we can to help you to stay in your home.

Settled communities are great for people. They help you get to know your neighbours and give you a stable base to help you make the most of opportunities in your area. Importantly, staying put also helps you save money by cutting down on moving costs.

Our neighbourhood co-ordinators and customer service staff are ready to talk to you if you’re thinking about moving. We can give advice to help you stay in your current home, or tell you about your options such as transferring to another of our homes or swapping your home with another tenant.

If you do end your tenancy, you need to give four weeks’ written notice ending on a Sunday. You should leave your property clean, clear of rubbish and belongings, and your garden should be in good condition.

Your neighbourhood co-ordinator will talk to you about this and all of the other arrangement for ending your tenancy when they visit you.

For more details, speak to your neighbourhood co-ordinator or contact us.