Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of issues which can cause people significant alarm and distress. That’s why we take anti-social behaviour so seriously.

Examples of anti-social behaviour include:

  • Loud noise or music from neighbours        
  • Youth nuisance
  • Missile throwing
  • Gang nuisance
  • Threats of violence
  • Hate/mate crime
  • Drug dealing or cultivation
  • Harassment/ Verbal Abuse

Examples of what isn’t anti-social behaviour include:

  • Everyday household noise
  • Babies crying
  • Smells from cooking
  • Children playing (unless involved in verbal abuse, damage to property or more serious behaviour)

Tackling anti-social behaviour

If the problem isn’t too serious, you could have a friendly word with the person causing the problem, explain what’s troubling you and ask if they can change or stop what they’re doing.

If you’re worried or afraid of approaching the person or the problem continues, get in touch with us using the contacts below or complete the form on this page.

You should contact the police to report incidents of criminal behaviour such as damage to property, assault, violence, threats of violence, burglary, drug dealing etc. Call the non-emergency police number on 101 or 999 for emergencies or report to Crimestoppers.


Report anti-social behaviour incidents to us by:

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