Scrutiny Panel

Thirteen’s Scrutiny Panel is a team of customers who work on a range of projects with the main aim of improving services across Thirteen.

The Scrutiny Panel spends time examining different areas of the business, then makes recommendations to the Thirteen Board to improve services.

The team of customers works on three projects a year which can last up to four months each, and take up to two or three days a month of each panel member’s time.

Projects involve gathering information about services, looking at performance information and researching best practice from other organisations. The panel then uses all the details to produce a final report to the board to recommend how to improve the service.

In other words, the Scrutiny Panel acts as a critical friend, giving customers the chance to scrutinise Thirteen’s services to help us improve.

Explaining the Scrutiny Panel

You can see a video of a member of the scrutiny panel as she explains the kind of work the panel gets involved in:

Scrutiny Panel project

Rent First

A recent project carried out by the scrutiny panel was Rent First.

When people face economic hardship, it may be difficult to pay the rent which means they can fall into rent arrears.

Thirteen needs to make sure that paying the rent is the most important consideration when receiving services from their landlord.

The Rent First approach is to help customers stay in their homes, support the financial viability of the landlord, and ensure that services for customers can be maintained despite the economic challenges.

The Scrutiny Panel was commissioned to provide a customer viewpoint about what a Thirteen Rent First approach could feature. You can get more details about Rent First on a special website.

Getting involved

To get involved with the Scrutiny Panel: